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About Photography and Illustration

The right photography or illustration will make or break your website. It's usually the first thing a user notices, so it's worth the investment to do right. Compelling images are particularly important to legal websites, which deal with complex and technical subject matters.

Photographs and illustrations can do the following:

  • Set tone;
  • Capture attention;
  • Guide the user's eye to important information;
  • Show (versus tell) the firm's message in real-world terms;
  • Break down complex subjects visually; and
  • Inject emotion.

Key Benefits

  1. Professional Photography Makes the Website

    A single photo, matched with a tagline, can make your site remarkable.

  2. We Set Up Everything

    We can set up the photography shoot and even be there to assist. You just need to bring your smile.

  3. Cost-Effective Production

    Our photographers are flexible and efficient. We can meet just about any budget.

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Features of Photography and Illustration

  • Stock Photography

    All of our websites include stock photography. We have access to over a million professional images.

  • Unique Illustration Ideas

    Our artists can computer-manipulate existing photography or sketch from scratch. We create photo-graphics, flow charts, diagrams, illustrations and more to make complex subjects easier to grasp.

  • Custom Photography

    Great for law firms that want to elevate the quality of their attorney bio photos, show off that fancy new office and engage website users with creative, visual storytelling. Contact us for a custom quote.

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