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Meet Gui Costa.

PaperStreet's Essentials.

Gui was born in Brazil and has a great passion for technology. From computers and cell phones to ICQ and FaceTime, he enjoys learning about new breakthroughs in the industry and sharing his discoveries with friends. But beware … don't ask him to fix your neighbor’s printer. Toying with stubborn printers is something he hates (don't we all?).

Among his favorite things to do are watching comedy movies and traveling with his wife, Aline. Gui graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and received a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media & Web Design. Immediately after graduating he began working as a front-end developer at a startup company in South Florida. Drawing on his development background, Gui brings technical knowledge to PaperStreet and facilitates clients project’s from step one to done.

Facts about Gui.

His philosophy on solving problems:

"There is no problem that can’t be solved. Let’s work together to find all pieces of the puzzle and I will deliver your masterpiece."

His inspiration source:

"The sunset at the beach – that’s where the ideas flow."

His favorite project is:

His favorite things



"Comedy" Movies

"Acoustic" Music