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Suki is a graduate of Stonybrook University where she majored in political science and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She comes to Paperstreet with years of experience ranging from managing business development projects for solopreneurs to managing restructuring projects for publicly traded firms. At PaperStreet, Suki's mission is to "get it done."

Suki enjoys traveling with her family, spending considerable time living abroad in Panama most recently. When stateside in North Carolina, Suki can be found growing an organic garden and making crabapple jam for her neighbors from her two crabapple trees. When abroad, Suki enjoys the daily rainbow presentations of Boquete, Panama. No matter where she is, most people who know Suki will tell you she is committed to just one concept...Enjoy..

"Personal Mantra
In your professional life, work on your strengths.
In your personal life, work on your weaknesses.
Everything else will work itself out."
- Suki

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"I have been working with PaperStreet in all aspects of development and SEO. In fact, we have done some things together that others can not do; simply because they are willing to be imaginative and creative on both the development and search engine optimization (SEO) side. So far, we have built and successfully operated over 12 websites (including updates). With their assistance, we have taken our main website from total visitors of approximately 9000 to total visitors of over 180,000 in (5) years. "

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