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Jillian has been designing and directing at PaperStreet since 2004. She has been an integral part of the growth of the company, working on more than 800 projects to date in various industries such as, legal, fashion, real estate, aviation, technology, medical, construction and non-profits. Recently, she had the fortunate opportunity to craft a web presence for former Apple CEO, John Sculley.

Jillian is a graduate of the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in Bloomington; Ranked 36th in a list of 206 of the top Fine Arts Programs by U.S. News. While exploring many other fine arts mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics, her passion and focus remained in Graphic Design. Since earning her Bachelor Degree in 1999, she has accumulated nearly 14 years of conceptual and award-winning design experience.

Her understanding of conceptual art and technical experience is evident in her proficiency of Adobe Creative Suite and her ability to generate ideas while executing projects intellectually.

As Creative Director, she inspires excellence in our creative team, and leads our team to develop brands, messaging and websites that impress and deliver results for small business clients as well as large law firms.

"My goal every day is to create and execute identities that suit each client's needs and supports their long term business goals."

Jillian possesses the ability to listen to clients and devise tactical solutions, without compromising quality. "When clients collaborate with our creative team to develop the strongest design outcome for their business, it's a win/win and the hard work is rewarded with results for our clients. I try to instill a collaborative approach on our team and with our clients because creative synergy between people is always more fun!"

Even when Jillian is not at work, she is still designing. She enjoys photography and working on her fashion creations. Oh, and she is always looking for the perfect moment to implement an "Anchor Man" quote! She has two beautiful daughters; Bella Renee and Lilly Jolie. Jillian and her husband live in the Wynwood Art District of Miami.

"The world is of abundance and everything in it is inspiration to live creatively one day at a time."

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"I have been working with PaperStreet in all aspects of development and SEO. In fact, we have done some things together that others can not do; simply because they are willing to be imaginative and creative on both the development and search engine optimization (SEO) side. So far, we have built and successfully operated over 12 websites (including updates). With their assistance, we have taken our main website from total visitors of approximately 9000 to total visitors of over 180,000 in (5) years. "

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