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Allan has an eclectic professional background. He has many different kinds of positions ranging from Shipfitter to Art Director. He always challenges himself to grow no matter where his life is headed. Allan enjoys art, fashion, music, cultural events, and the outdoors. He has traveled north to Devon Island, east to Germany, west to Hawaii and south to Key West.

Moving to South Florida gave Allan the opportunity to play in tropical gardens and become a National Wildlife Habitat Steward. His hobbies included music, woodworking, golf, photography, computers, gardening, hiking, home remodeling and guiding his dog's development. He also has a blue belt in Taekwondo and is struggling to learn the guitar and harmonica (maybe he's a better listener). Allan is also involved in the community with various civic events and past city advisory boards. He is a husband, brother, son, uncle and friend.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment"
- Rumi

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