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Custom vs Template

Custom vs. Template Designs

Ready-to-go Websites or Customization?

Find out the Difference Between a True Custom Design and Templates

Benefits of Custom Design

No one can deny the power of the Internet (or Google for that matter). Before hiring lawyers potential clients are reading reviews, Googling their names and scanning social media platforms. The need to be well perceived on the big World Wide Web is more important than ever.

A functional and good-looking web design is critical and it can be the factor that sets you apart from all the other law firms on your street.

After deciding to move forward with a new website most law firms are faced with the question: custom or template?

Law firm web design templates are fast and easy. A custom design takes longer, but is unique only to your firm. A custom design is built from scratch to meet the specific goals and needs of your company. At PaperStreet we believe the benefits of a custom design are well worth the initial investment, but sometimes a firm doesn't need a fully custom site, which is why we offer different levels of design.

Custom Websites Can Be Better Than Templates

Unfortunately lawyers businesses are all pretty much the same. If we had a penny for every time a lawyer said to us, “we're different because we really care about our clients,” everyone at PaperStreet would be in retired sipping cocktails in a tiki hunt on the outskirts of the Caribbean.

One way to really differentiate your law firm is by design.

Color is powerful. Messaging is powerful. Images are powerful. When you hire PaperStreet at the custom level you will work with a team of creative and strategic people who know how to create the emotion you want potential clients to feel when visiting your site.

We use words, colors, and images to define your brand and make the end result of browsing your website a completed contact form. Your clients will see your website so take the opportunity to impress them. It could be the difference between a conversion and someone clicking the exit button.

Other key reasons for choosing custom design include:

  • SEO friendly – PaperStreet codes all custom websites so you can be sure there are no funny tactics in the back end that might negatively affect your rankings.
  • Professional image – A functional and well thought out website shows potential clients that you're serious about your business.
  • Lifelong investment – You own your custom website. Over the years you can make tweaks to stay current, but the design itself is timeless.

Responsiveness - In 2015, for the first time ever, the number of internet searches on mobile phones surpassed the number of searches on desktop computers. If you use a template is it responsive? If not, you better find another firm … quickly.


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