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Total Control: PaperStreet's Proprietary Content Management System

The Complete Demonstration
Chapter 1 - 11

Main demo video

About Total Control

Total Control was designed and developed by PaperStreet to allow our clients to update their websites on their own. Law firms in particular will notice the specialized tabs for attorneys, practice areas and office locations.

Adding a new attorney or paralegal to your practice website will only be a few clicks away. Posting to your blog to create your social media identity will be just as easy and just as quick.

Still Have Questions?

We hope our 11-step video demonstration will guide you through the basic features of Total Control. If you still have questions after watching them, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 954.523.2181 or Contact Us and we'll help you step-by-step.

Chapter 1

Intro demo video

Updating Content
Chapter 2

Updating content demo video

Adding Content
Chapter 3

Adding New Content demo video

Adding Photos
Chapter 4

Photos demo video

Adding Links
Chapter 5

Links demo video

Adding Attorneys
Chapter 6

Attorneys demo video

Assigning Practices, Offices, Etc.
Chapter 7

Assigning Practices demo video

Adding Practice
Chapter 8

Adding Practice Areas demo video

Adding Office Locations
Chapter 9

Offices demo video

Adding Seminars, Languages, Etc.
Chapter 10

Seminars demo video

Outro & Final Thoughts
Chapter 11

Outro demo video

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Features of Total Control Content Management System

  • Easy to Use

    Manage your own site anytime, anywhere, instantly. It's foolproof, easy to update and easy to use. Add a page and select a category. Poof! The page is instantly added to all the appropriate menus.

  • Unlimited Pages - Edit/Add/Delete

    Add new sections and new pages at any time. Your site is infinitely scalable to meet your growing needs.

  • Custom Modules

    You can customize an unlimited amount of content, attorney, practice, offices, articles, seminars, news, languages and more.

  • Picture & Document Loader

    You can upload PDF, JPG, GIF, Word and a variety of other files through our easy-to-use online tool. Create any number of links to other sites.

  • Back-Up & Security

    Password control, security and nightly backup to the PaperStreet servers.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Create meta data and simple URLs so search engines can easily find your website.

  • Standard Features

    Print pages, site maps, error pages, contact us, search, Google Maps, Google Analytics, nightly backup, cross browser support and save features are just a few features we offer.

  • Web Hosting

    Not all web hosting companies are the same. Our web hosting is cost effective and reliable.

  • Support

    We have a support team that can answer any question and fix your problem the same day. We often surprise our own clients with our speed.

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