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It all started when Pete Boyd was in law school

It was the late '90s, and the Internet was still a relatively new place. Pete, a self-taught computer geek and aspiring attorney, started checking out law firms online to learn more about potential employers.

He was surprised to find that many firms didn't have a website. Those that did looked like "crap." (Pete has always been very reluctant to say what he thinks).

"I could do better," he thought. So he did.

In 2001, with several sites under his belt, he incorporated PaperStreet.

After graduating law school, Pete went to work for a boutique Intellectual Property firm. He'd bill all day, come home, and head to his computer. He'd design all night for his growing list of legal clients, whose needs he understood firsthand. He did this for fun.

Eventually, a light bulb went on. Pete quit the fancy law firm and started designing full time, out of his living room.

Fast-forward several years: PaperStreet now has over 1,000+ clients worldwide and a talented team of 18 designers, developers, SEO specialists and content writers. In the past 15 years, the company has expanded to offer the full range of services law firms need to build a comprehensive web presence: SEO, Internet marketing, mobile solutions, brand building, logos, content writing, print products, and more.

Needless to say, all this no longer occurs from Pete's living room. Instead, PaperStreet operates out of a quirky office space in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida - a large, converted garage where the previous owner built sports cars. (It's rather fitting, given that PaperStreet websites are all about good looks and great performance.)

These days, Pete is happy to report he no longer thinks most law firm websites look like "crap."

He and his team now do battle against the growing plague of "Brand Bland."

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