Why Is This Young Upstart Law Firm on Page One? [SPOILER] They Have Better Content


Almost daily, new clients ask me why a specific law firm is ranked on page one of search engines. The potential client is upset and does not believe it is fair to have this firm with hardly any experience on page one of search.

They believe their firm is the best firm in the city because they have years of experience, participated in hundreds of trials, have been published in journals, and went to the best law schools. In short, they feel as though they have the best lawyers because of their pedigree.

How to Get Your Law Firm Site to Rank Higher on SERPs

Their argument usually boils down to the idea that this new upstart firm should not rank high because:

  1. They are young with no experience.
  2. That other firm is not well known.
  3. That other firm is well . . . new.

The issue is that these new firms are creating new and innovative websites. They focus their content not on themselves, but on answering questions and providing the best resources. They create engaging content. Content that has a low-bounce rate and high-time on site. Content that is shared widely.

The issue is that the older firms with good pedigrees simply have websites that don’t showcase their talent:

  1. Their content is shorter and needs to be more detailed.
  2. Their content is about themselves only and not answering questions.
  3. They have no mentions online in legal directories, blogs, social media, and the press.

So overall, their extensive experience, pedigree, and victories are not translated well to the web. The good news is that all of this can be solved. Since the firm has a great pedigree, their story just needs to be told better.

Our Advice Remains the Same, Even After 17 Years of Building Websites

We have been recommending the same advice for years now. Build a better website. Write more content that answers the user’s questions. Build real backlinks through quality directories and doing real world community involvement (which gets you backlinks and helps out your community). Get press mentions by being great at your job and winning trials, solving issues, and then telling the world about your victories.

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