Working Together Improves Results

Some lawyers like to take a “set it and forget it” approach to their paid marketing. They hire a marketing firm, give details about what they want to accomplish and then vanish, never to be heard from again. Sometimes the marketing company hits their goals and sometimes they do not. All too often, though, the elusive lawyer hops from firm to firm looking for the marketing company that can bring them conversions.

At PaperStreet, we like to view ourselves as partners – we work hard to bring you results as if we were your in-house marketing company. Your success means that you continue to choose us for our award winning services, and we take pride in the achievements that we bring to your law firm. While we can certainly reach the goals of the missing lawyer above, when we work together, we can push you even further. That is why PaperStreet consistently exceeds the legal industry average for our Google Ads click through rates and conversion rates, and we have over a 90% retention rate for our marketing accounts.

The Numbers Are Clear, But You Know Your Clients the Best

When we manage paid ad campaigns, we often use existing visitor data to zero in on searchers who are more likely to convert when they click on our ads. We can review data for different genders, age demographics, days of the week, devices, income levels and zip codes. Then we can optimize the account so that if someone has a higher likelihood of contacting you based on your historical data, we are the first thing that they see when they search for your practice area.

However, no one knows your work and your clients like you do. People are more than static conversion numbers, and you may have feedback on different areas of your city that you would like more clients from or perhaps age brackets that have converted into signed clients more often in the past. These numbers may not be represented in your account data for us to know about, but the information can be vital to your campaign, and would help us focus on the kinds of leads you want to receive.

Communication is Key

Even if you aren’t able to work with us personally, there are still ways that we can reach new heights within your account. In mid-2019, a firm that we had been working with for almost half a decade hired a marketing coordinator to help them mediate their marketing efforts. Although we had tried to reach out to the lawyers at the firm throughout that year, they were often so busy with cases that they had little availability to respond to our recommendations themselves.

Almost immediately after they hired their marketing coordinator, we set up a weekly meeting to work through several of our account recommendations, we reviewed incoming leads together and provided better direction on account targeting, changes in our user data and ways to expand the account further.

This communication made all the difference. We were able to increase their conversions by 262% during the second half of 2019 compared to the second half of 2018. And at the end of the year, December was their highest converting month ever. More than just the raw boost to leads, the quality of those leads also improved. The firm was easily able to justify hiring the coordinator, and since then, they have expanded their marketing beyond Google and into Facebook, LinkedIn, and soon, Quora and Bing.

Ultimately, we are a partner in your success. We can build great paid marketing campaigns that exceed industry averages and bring in quality conversions. But the more you work with us, the more that we can make your campaigns work for you.

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