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I watched a cool video of Matt Cutts from WordCamp 2009 in San Francisco.


It’s definitely long, but a good watch. If you are lazy here is what I took from the 40+ minutes of fun.

Big Ideas

  • Number of people that link to you and how important those links are.
  • Write often. Write passionately.
  • Start small, but think big.
  • Use analytics to find best posts and write more on those topics.
  • Keep WordPress updated or else.


Cool Plugins

  • Cookies for comments
  • Akismet
  • WP Super Cache


  • Page Rank 50,000 foot view: How many people link to you and what are the quality of those links. [I don’t think that is exact, but I am too lazy to find the exact second it was said]. J”  I think everyone knows this, but it’s a real quick way of saying it to clients.
  • No need for spam. Write in normal copy, but put in keyword phrases a few times on the page.

Other things
These were not covered, but I bounced around a bit looking for “Matt” vs. “Matt”. I found the other Matt he was mentioning at #3. These are plugins that he and Automatic have worked on. It’s good to mention again as WP is truly flexible environment.

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