Why PaperStreet is More Cost-Effective

PaperStreet has a unique and competitive price point for our Enterprise level projects.

Our designs are beautiful, professional, and cutting edge. We win awards, with over 100 in the past few years. On our Enterprise proposals, we have a process to get exactly what the client needs, so clients know they will get a professional website.

Our technology stack works. We use a customized WordPress base that follows best practices and speeds up the design and development process. We have excellent support with same-day response times (often same-hour). Our checklists are very detailed and allow us to know what to do . . . and not do.

Finally, our content team is comprised of attorneys. Combining our experience of focusing on the legal industry allows us to talk the language and know what to anticipate in the project.

We are very cost-effective when compared to agencies that work with AmLaw 500 law firms. We are built for speed. How do we do this? These nine specific points explain how:

1. Our Team of Experts

You will work directly with our experts in design, development, content, and internet marketing. We don’t believe in project managers unless absolutely needed. Occasionally, we have project managers to assist.  But more often than not, we let our checklists, project process, and specific subject matter experts handle the project. This saves time and money and cuts out the game of “telephone” for passing on information. You are talking to the person actually doing the work. Yes, you will always have access to a point person to keep the project on track.  But that person, usually a Director, may vary depending on the stage of your project (design, content, or development). In short, we want you talking to our subject matter experts. This makes us more efficient and solves issues quicker.

2. Technology Cost Savings with an In-house Development Team

Every agency states they use technology, but it is often a software solution they bought that sort of fits their needs. We are a true web development firm. We don’t have to outsource our technology stack to other companies – we built our own. We have our own development team in-house who has built content platforms, dashboards, checklists, time tracking, APIs and more. We created custom dashboards to monitor all projects. We made our own CRM to fit just our needs. We built time tracking and goal charts for employees. We built process checklists, launch checklists, automated tools to speed up content entry and more. Our technology works for exactly what we need. All of this allows us to be more efficient with our time and not pay extra costs to someone else building out our technology.

3. Our Project Process Has Hundreds of Checklist Items

Our design and development process has been refined over the past 20 years. We have standard checklists for each of our web design project levels. Our launch checklist is over 100 items and that is just for launching a site. We have checklists for SEO, PPC, project briefs, design process, content process, development process and more. Each checklist allows us to be more efficient and know exactly what to do next.

4. Experience with Over 2,000 Projects

Experience matters. We have over 2,000 web design projects completed to date in the past 20 years. Each project adds to our collective knowledge. We share our successes and failures with our entire team. This way, we know what to avoid and what best practices to follow.

5. Invision & Adobe XD to Showcase the New Design

Like many agencies, we use Zoom on calls to meet virtually with you. But we also showcase the designs in InVision. InVision allows you to directly see the designs in real-time with our designers and mark feedback in real-time with our team. We can then make updates quicker and easier in Adobe XD. When we hit a snag on design, we often do working meetings where we can design live with your firm too, minimizing back-and-forth.

6. Bugherd & Staging to Finalize the Site

Once the site is built, during the beta test, we use Bugherd to track all changes in a staging environment before the site goes live. We demo the site for you and mark/make changes during that initial call. Then you can review the site on your own for a week to make additional comments. You browse the site as normal. If you want a change made, you simply click to mark the issue. A screenshot is taken of your browser. You type in a comment and we then make the changes in an organized fashion. You never have to explain the issue. Easy and efficient.

7. Communication is Really Important to Our Team

Internally, we use Basecamp and Google Docs for nearly everything. Basecamp is a project management application used by the entire team, so everyone knows the stage your website build is in every step of the way. We also use Google Docs for project briefs, site architectures, and notes for meetings. We use them for content documents so that you can see our edits and your edits in real-time. We use Slack, Zoom, and web conference technology internally to chat with our team and clients.

8. Best Practices to Speed up Workflow

We have A LOT of best practices already baked into our design layouts, code base, content frameworks, checklists, and more. You are hiring us for our experience in all these matters to know what to avoid and what best practices to use.

  1. Our Guarantee – You Will Love your Design

Finally, we guarantee our work. You will love your design.  We have done this over 2,000 times now. Whether it is 3 or 12 rounds of design, we will produce a site that you will be proud of and professionally represent your firm.

Next Steps

We are very efficient. By using technology, best practices, custom processes, our experience and team of experts, software from Invision, Adobe XD, and Bugherd, you end up with a very efficient, friendly and customized process that produces amazing results.

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