Where We Get Our Law Firm Web Design Inspiration


Our Top Five Resources for Design Ideas

Much like any great artist, our designers love to get inspired by other fantastic work on the web. We look for elements of functionality, color, layout, and photography that can spark ideas for our new web designs.

In these top five resources, we’re willing to expose some of our best online gems and give you a peak into how we prepare for our creative brainstorming stages:

  1. Tympanus Codrops
  2. Awwwards
  3. Pinterest
  4. CSS Design Gallery Awards
  5. Behance.net

Tympanus Codrops

Rich with functionality, animation and coding tutorials, Codrops is a playground for finding cool and exciting features. We love to include interesting page loads (the way in which elements enter or appear on the page) or dynamic hover states (the way in which an object transforms when the user hover their mouse over a clickable/linked item). The best part about this site is they often include the code and demos to the animation we like, making it possible for our developers to see our creative vision through.

> Visit Tympanus Codrops 


Awwwards is known to have some of the most avant-garde sites nominated and voted on their site. You can view only the nominees or choose from different categories:

  • Honorable Mentions
  • Website of the Day
  • Website of the Month
  • Trending Sites
  • Winners List

Another user-friendly feature of this site is the ability to search by tags like colors, video, development platform, fonts, and more. While the majority of these websites are not corporate or law firm related, they definitely inspire and get our creative juices flowing.

> Visit Awwwards


Pinterest has become a library for so much more than recipes, DIY projects, and interior decorating. We find awesome examples of infographics, web design, logos, corporate identities, typography, photography, and other graphic elements. The easy to use platform allows us to create “boards” to help categorize and organize our inspiration images. Intuitively, Pinterest knows what we’re interested in based on the items we’re pinning and then suggests more options we may like, an efficient feature for our busy design team!

> Visit Pinterest 

CSS Design Awards

Much like Awwwards, cssdesignawards.com is an online gallery that consists of innovative websites that are nominated can be voted on. What makes the latter unique though is the majority of sites featured are due to their cutting-edge technology and use of CSS – a programming language our developers work with.

> Visit CSS Design Awards


Behance is a massive online portfolio, showcasing the top artistic talent in the world. Designers, artists, photographers, illustrators and developers show off their work to be commented on and admired. We not only get ideas for own projects here, but can be in the creative community applauding and appreciating others’ savvy skills.

> Visit Behance.net

If you start to look you will see design inspiration everywhere. What are your go-to sites for law firm web design inspiration? We’d love to hear!

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