What You Need to Know to Create Successful Video Content


Video content may be the most important content asset you can add to your website. Video is rapidly becoming the preferred medium to connect businesses with their audience. Nowhere is this more important than the legal industry.

Law firms often have stigmas of operating behind the scenes without a client knowing their firm or attorney. Video can provide a quick glance into the personality of a law firm. People prefer to watch a 30-second video instead of reading through content. Here are a few reasons to get video content on your website.

  • User Engagement– Videos are being populated and ranked in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) increasingly more and more to compete with regular text copy, which tells us that user engagement is trending increasingly towards video. In fact, video generally has a 35% to 45% higher click-through rate than regular print. The overwhelming powerhouse in the video world is YouTube, and with over 1 billion users, the power of video is undeniable.
  • Personalization– Video helps draw a personal, emotional response to who a company is, particularly a law firm. Potential clients want a peek into who will represent them and who they interact with in real life. Video is also a platform to show your thought leadership and subject matter expertise. Provide practical advice and guidance to your viewers to prove you are the authority in your field. Make sure your videos don’t exceed 30 to 45 seconds to capture the most visitors’ attention.
  • What kind of video should I shoot – The planning should start well before the video shoot (keyword research, creative plan and shoot schedule). Typically, we recommend a firm profile or brand video to showcase your firm’s personality and prowess. Then the bulk of your videos should be educational, to make your site a resource for your particular practice area. Another increasingly popular style of video is the attorney bio video, which should include your accomplishments and accolades and also showcases why they should choose you.
  • I did a video shoot, now what?– Once you have edited and finalized videos, you will need to make sure they are correctly optimized and transcribed for the web. You need to create a YouTube Channel to host these videos. Take a look at PaperStreet’s to get some inspiration. To effectively reach your audience and get properly indexed the videos, each needs to be:
    • Transcribed – Make sure you all audio is made into plain written text.
    • Optimized– The video should include any keywords and metadata that relate to your content.
    • Shareable– Be sure your video can easily be shared.
    • Good Thumbnail– Be sure your videographer provides an excellent looking thumbnail image.
    • Catchy Description– Make sure your readers will click on the title of your video.
    • Captions– Optional, but to take a step further, make sure your videos have captions.
    • Alt Attribute– Make sure your video has alt tags to abide by ADA Guidelines.

If you need help strategizing and shooting video content, contact us today.

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