What SEO Results Can You Expect?

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We find that clients who produce quality content, focus their practice, create a brand, and pay attention to their marketing do well. Those that simply slap up something that is unfocused and let the website rot do poorly. I know, simple, but so often missed that it needs to be said.

This is going to sound snake-oily, but we really do have law firms that make seven figures a year from their website and SEO campaign. Yikes, I pitched money in a reference article. For shame. But you do need to know SEO can work.

SEO For All

Does it work for all?”  No. Any good consultant will tell you that past success does not mandate future success. But to ignore SEO is really at your own marketing peril.

More Reasonable, Short-Term Expectations

While we can all set the goal for seven-figure income from online marketing, please note those campaigns did take a year or more to get perfect. More realistic, short-term expectations are to get a few good inquiries a week to a few good inquiries a day from your SEO campaign. Let those inquiries turn into profitable long-term clients, and continue to grow your business through marketing. Marketing is not something you switch on and off. It needs to be constant.

Specific Articles

We have separated this post into a series of short articles. Read up.

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