Webinar: Top Website Content Strategies for Law Firms

Sally Kane

February 18, 2015

This year the quality of the content on your site is arguably more important than ever before. Web content needs to be focused, informative and provide actual value to your reader.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • 4 Things You Should Never Say in Your Website Content
  • Website Photo No-No’s
  • Tips on Crafting Engaging Content

Check out the highlights below, or view the full presentation.

Never Say These Things in Your Website Content

We encourage you to check your state bar rules, because some states allow for more wiggle room regarding lawyer advertising rules, but generally you should refrain from ever:

  • Claiming you are the best
  • Promising a guaranteed outcome
  • Purporting best results
  • Claiming specialization or expertise without proper documentation

4 things you should never say in your website content

Website Photos Mishaps You Should Avoid

In Florida, there are three situations in which you need a disclaimer:

  1. “Not an employee or member of law firm”
  2. “Dramatization. Not an actual event.”
  3. “Actor. Not actual lawyer/doctor/police officer”

The disclosure must clear and legible and reasonably prominent. It cannot be small, hidden or on another page.

Photo No-No's

Crafting Engaging Content

One basic tenet of good writing is to “show, don’t tell.”  In other words, don’t just tell your web readers how great you are; show them through specific details and examples. An easy way to do this is to back-up empty adjectives with concrete evidence (actual numbers or quotes). This creates a stronger, more compelling website.

Empty Adjectives

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