Want Your Copy to Stand Out? Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes

Whether internet marketing is your primary concern or you just want a decent, readable site for your clients to enjoy, it is very important for you (or whomever you have writing on your behalf) to avoid some of the common writing mistakes that often sneak onto a web page. The following information is geared toward helping writers communicate effectively, all while maintaining the most professional image possible.

Focus, Focus, Focus

For many writers, getting those first sentences on the page is a tough task. What do I want to say? How should I phrase it? Is this really interesting? These are all questions that have gone through a writer’s mind (and yes, even seasoned writers still deal with these questions from time to time). So, how do you answer the questions? One of the first things a writer should do is to ensure there’s a focus to whatever is being discussed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a 500-word blog or a 10,000-word white paper, if your writing lacks focus, you will lose your readers almost immediately. What is the goal of the writing? What is the one point you want to leave with the reader? If you can nail that down, you will be well on your way to keeping your readers engaged and wanting more from you week after week or month after month.

Break Things Up a Bit

Another issue that writers often run into relates to that pesky “wall of sentences.” Once a writer gets on a roll, it is very easy for him or her to want to keep that flow going on and on…and on. However, it is important to remember the visual aspect of writing as you continue to draft your catchy phrases. If a reader sees a huge block of writing, the chances of that reader being interested in what you have to say–no matter how well it’s written–will be greatly decreased.

But there is an easy fix — short paragraphs. Break down your information into nice little bite-sized morsels that can be easily consumed by your readers. Shorter paragraphs are typically more inviting to a reader, while longer blocks of text can quickly deter even the most avid reader.

Spellcheck is Your Best Friend

While it is not a perfect function in most word processing systems, the spellcheck function can assist you in your effort to create a professional look for your site. Misspelled words on a website are a sure-fire way for many people to simply dismiss what you have to say. Why? Some may figure that if you won’t even take the time to ensure your website portrays your business in a decent light, then why even bother to figure out what it is you’re trying to sell?

Most spelling mistakes can be easily avoided, particularly with the existence of numerous free online dictionary apps, as well as a whole host of professionally-edited content that currently lives online. So, if you’re unsure of a word, run it by Google or your favorite dictionary app. Doing so will do yourself and your readers a world of good.

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