Using CallRail to track conversions


Measuring the return on investment from your website or Internet Marketing campaigns is one of the smartest and important items a law firm can do. In 2018, PaperStreet has reviewed several online lead management applications, and we recommend CallRail. CallRail tracks the visitor conversions of your website allowing to properly measure the value of both call and contact form inquiries.

How CallRail Works

CailRail starts at a mere $30 per month which is a minimal investment from a marketing budget perspective. Yet the information obtained is great for that price. Included with CallRail’s Starter plan package is both call and contact form tracking and much more. 

CallRail uses dynamic number insertion (which in lay terms) means that when a prospective client comes into your website and calls the firm from one of your marketing initiatives (like an organic SEO listing; a Paid ad listing; a referral listing like Yelp; etc), their system will automatically update the phone number on your website to a unique phone number that tracks how well this specific portion of your marketing is returning. With that said, all direct traffic into your site will keep your standard regular phone number (unless you decide to update that too). If for example, you hand out a business card at a conference or meeting, that user will NOT get a dynamically interested new phone number. This way, we are exclusively only tracking marketing.

As previously mentioned, CallRail allows us to track your websites contact forms too. We can see this same valued return in addition to phone calls.

CallRail has many other additional finessed offers and amenities that we are happy to explain further should you sign up.

Firm Participation

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of this application, we need your firm’s participation. This is where we need someone like a firm administrator from your office to help. We need the firm to evaluate each lead in the CallRail system as they come in. We will need you to grade the quality of each lead and apply a monetary value as well. From there, we will start seeing the value of each internet marketing service and can better assess the overall ROI of the firm’s marketing efforts.

What Next?

If your firm wants to proceed with this set (and we highly recommend that you do), please contact us and we will set everything up.

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