Total Control 101: Part 5 – Adding a Practice Area


March 27, 2013

This is the fifth post in a series of tutorials on PaperStreet Web Design’s content management system, Total Control. Today’s post will deal with adding practice areas to your website.

Since Total Control is tailored to fit the needs of law firms, adding a practice area is very simple. Once you’re logged into Total Control, click on the Practices tab where you’ll see a list of all previously added practice areas. You can click on a practice area to update the content or you can click on the top green button Add A Practice Area to create a new one.

Edit Practice Area

Once the Add Practice Area page loads, the first area we’ll need to fill out is the headline. The headline will be used as the page’s title, and be used to initially fill out the menu name and page slug. Next, we’ll have to select a parent category if this practice area falls under a larger category. For example, Slip and Falls is a sub-practice of Personal Injury. Therefore, Personal Injury would be our parent category.

The next area is the Body Text, which is the actual content which will be shown on your page. This area is the most important for SEO purposes, and is where you will be placing the bulk of that content that informs your audience about a certain topic. At PaperStreet, we recommend the body text to be a minimum of 500 words if you want Google to consider your site relevant. It can also be helpful to include images and links to external sources for extra information.

Google Search Results

In the Advanced Options box on the right, we’ll want to focus on the Meta Title, Description and Slug elements. The meta title is what will show in a browser’s title bar. This area will also show on Google and other search engines when listing your page as a result (1). The description will also show up in search results and should be a brief excerpt or introduction to your content (2). Ideally, this description will entice people to click through and visit your site. Finally, the slug will be used to create the actual URL of the practice area page. In our example, the page could load under with personal-injury being our parent category and slip-and-falls being the slug identifier of our page.

Once you have filled out each area, including the headline, category, body text, meta title, description and slug, then you can click the green Save button. This will save all of the information you entered and make the new page live on the web. If you would like to create the page but hide its contents for now, please change the radio button under Active from Yes to No.

Add Practice Area

Feel free to edit the practice area content until it’s ready for public viewing. There is no limit to how many practice areas you can add, so start using Total Control for your law firm today.

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