Total Control 101: Part 4 – Associating Attorneys with a New Office


October 31, 2012

This is the fourth post in a series of tutorials on PaperStreet Web Design’s content management system, Total Control. This post deals with attorneys and offices, specifically how we can assign attorneys to a new office.

Using the Herssein Law Group as an example, let’s look at their three offices – New York, Miami and Tampa. Since the New York office was opened recently, they needed to update the Offices list.

In order to add this office to their website, first log into Total Control and click on the Offices tab. Then, click the green Add An Office button and fill in the address, city, state and phone number. When you’re done, remember to click the green Save button at the bottom.

After adding it to the Offices tab, you also want to associate attorneys with the new location. To do this, click on the Attorneys tab and then the Related Offices icon. You can also click the Add Multiple Attorneys to an Office if you would like to add more than one at a time.

First, let’s take a look at the multiple attorneys to an office which is the big green button in the middle. Find the new office you just added in the drop-down list and click “submit”. Then hold the “CTRL” key and click as many attorneys as you’d like to add to the office.

Click the “Add” button and the attorneys will move from the “Available Attorneys” column to the “Selected Attorneys” column. If you click on one of the selected attorneys and then click remove, that person will be removed from the office. Click “save” once you’re done moving them back and forth.

If you click the small related offices icon, you’ll be able to assign one attorney to multiple offices. Similar to the functionality in the screen above, we can add or remove multiple offices from one attorney. Click “save” once you’re done.

The vCard for Scott Ginsberg will automatically receive the New York address as well. Afterwards, a quick update was added to their blog announcing the new office. The Herssein Law Group started accepting business for their new office and was able to expand their firm.

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