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Sharing Your Photos

There are many powerful websites offering stock images and design elements that can be purchased to populate or enhance your website. PaperStreet prefers istockphoto.com.

Sometimes clients come to us with their own photo selections. They’ve searched iStock and found a series of photos they really love. The best way to share your favorite images with us is by the stock photo ID.

The stock photo ID is populated when you click on any iStock image.


istock 3

We can pull up any image as long as we have the stock photo ID. Simply send us a list and we can browse the images and proceed with your project. 

Tips for Finding Meaningful Photos

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find the perfect photo. Use these tips to narrow your search and download the right image in half the time.

  • Limit Scrolling – You can change the “view” at the bottom of the page to 200 images at a time. Allowing more results to populate on the page at once means you have to click less, saving you time.
  • Search by Color – iStock allows you to search by color. Use the dashboard on the left-hand side to choose a color (or type in an exact HTML color).
  • Get Specific – Typing in “lawyer” results in more than 15,000 images. You would be there all day trying to find the perfect photograph. Continue to narrow your search by adding keywords to the search bar.
  • Use the Thesaurus – Afraid your photos will look like every other website? Utilize an online thesaurus to get creative with your searches.

Additional Resources

Check out the blog posts below to learn more about how to use Adobe PhotoShop to take your images to the next level.

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