The Effective Art of Humanization and Storytelling

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Humanization and storytelling are two successful marketing concepts. While many people assume these are new strategies, they are not. The art of relating to people and telling stories has been around since the beginning of time.

What is a new concept is the return to these storytelling roots and making companies – and the legal industry – appear more human, so they can better relate to people.

Attorneys want to relate to their audience. After all, computers are not entering search terms into Google when they need legal advice – humans are – which means that when results pop up, they need to relate to the content they read.

Storytelling does not just use words, but it is the powerful art of creating and telling a story that is memorable, impressionable and resonates with your audience. The challenge that most attorneys run into is how to share a story that aligns with the needs of the reader.

While listing facts about your law firm is essential, sometimes it is beneficial to interweave stories through your content so you can humanize your site and connect with people using a language they understand. After all, people searching your website are also potential clients, and not all understand detailed legal language.

How to Incorporate Humanization and Storytelling into Law Firm Content

If you are wondering how you can achieve storytelling in your law firm’s internet marketing, step out of your comfort zone and consider these modern-day possibilities:

  1. Webinars– Engage your audience using webinars, which can help build your brand and solidify your law firm as a leader in the industry. Sometimes just being in front of an audience and relating to them, holding Q&A sessions or telling real-life scenarios and stories can help you connect with people on a personal level.
  2. Social Media– Social media channels are a great way to humanize more content and allow law firms to highlight their specialties. Studies show that Wednesdays are a great day to post humanization content and highlight members of your team. Consider including these details and a photo of your attorneys or the firm’s team members:
    • Educational History
    • Career Highlights
    • Favorite Activity Outside of Work
    • Favorite Movie
  3. Use Blogs to Relate– Instead of citing detailed statistics and legal terminology throughout a blog, tell a story. For example, “I had a client, Jane, that suffered great personal and financial loss due to being hit by a drunk driver.” Immediately, this opening line connects you with the audience. You are showing sympathy and humanization by showing that Jane is a person and that you empathize with the loss she suffered. When you relate to your audience, you will find that more people interact with blogs or will share them with friends and family. Make sure to include social media sharing options on your blog, which makes it even easier for readers to share your stories on their pages.

Storytelling is something that resonates with people, which makes it easier for people to remember your practice, relate to you and also helps to establish you as an authority in your area of expertise.

If you are looking for additional storytelling tips, check out our blog, “How to Tell Your Story to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace.”










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