Google Update Limits Organic Search Results, Stresses Diverse Internet Marketing Plan

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Recent Updates Proves a Strong Case for a Combined Effort in Internet Marketing

Last week, Google made yet another update to their search results page and now four AdWords ads are appearing at the top of the search results. In addition, the right-hand sidebar has been removed. What does this mean for you? The update means paid advertisements take up more room, which means less room for organic rankings. Note that the update is only relevant to your search engine results if and when paid ads appear. If none show, this is moot.

While this might not seem like a monumental update, it is one to pay attention to over the next few months. Namely, for the purposes of this post, we are addressing the issue of screen real estate: everything now pushes down.

Map Only Results in a Small Monitor Size

As a result of the update, if you have a small monitor size you may only see a map result with only one organic result. On my personal set-up, I have a screen resolution of 2400×1350 and only see the top search listing after the map.

Map only result

If you have a smaller monitor, you may not see organic results at all!

Paid Advertisements are Becoming More and More Important

Organic rankings are still relevant, but paid ads are catching up and continue to become more and more important. And, I believe this is another attempt from Google to increase that transition.

Internet marketing collectively encompasses both organic rankings and paid search. For this reason, PaperStreet recommends (as we always have) going after every facet of internet marketing, which includes, SEO, PPC and remarketing. In fact, if you are currently running a PPC campaign, this update just increased your chances of a higher impression share on the top of searches by 25 percent.

When it comes to internet marketing you don’t want to put “all your eggs in one basket.” Google may have just helped make that argument even stronger.

Learn About Your Internet Marketing Options

PaperStreet offers a variety of internet marketing services at different price points. We specialize in internet marketing and wed design for law firms. Contact us to discuss your options and learn new ways to increase your website traffic, conversions and sales.

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