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Welcoming 2014: Our New Year’s Resolutions

In 2013 PaperStreet experienced significant growth. We welcomed 12 new people to the company and won numerous awards.

We launched 45 Essentials websites, 39 custom websites and edited and wrote 1,985 pages of content. Our Internet marketing team helped more than 120 firms with their search engine results and more than 30 firms with their pay-per-click campaign. Our support team provided more than 2,000 hours of support to clients (all with same day service).

To round out the year we set goals, both personal and professional, for ourselves.

Check out our New Year’s Resolutions

“I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. I do not like to have my self-improvement dictated by the Gregorian calendar.  I would rather go by a Mercury year, where you improve every 87.97 days.”


“My resolution is to expand my knowledge in programming and online marketing.  The web is always expanding and I love keeping up with and learning all the latest and greatest trends of the web, so my New Year’s Resolution is to continue to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies available.  Test them.  Then create new functionality on the web that improves the usability of websites and provides great means of search optimization on websites.”


“To exercise more and worry less.”


“Create more innovative designs and exercise more often.”


“Content is essential to Internet marketing success in 2014.  This year, I’m focusing on strategically growing our content department, expanding our writer base, streamlining processes and recruiting the best talent in order to better serve clients.  Another New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to engage in more thought leadership.  I hope to share my expertise and industry experience through blogging, webinars, social media and contributing to industry publications.”


“Run a half marathon.”


“Enjoy silence more frequently, by turning off the television, radio, computer and iPhone.”


“My resolution is to travel to Tahiti. It’s more of a long term goal, but I really want to go this year.”


“Go jogging once before 6 a.m.”


“Be a great new Dad.”


“My personal New Year’s resolution would be to eat a healthier diet and keep progressing with more challenging rock-climbing routes. My professional New Year’s resolution is to advance my skill levels in front-end web development and best search engine optimization practices.”


“This year is all about great health, abundant happiness, and full-blown expansion.”


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