SEO Content Associate Role

Update: Position Filled

Job Description

Support SEO Content Manager and assists all SEO campaigns by determining project’s overall SEO content requirements and execution of these tasks.

  • Organic Content
      • Write SEO content targeting KPI finalized keywords based on guidelines outlined by the SEO Content Manager
      • Assistance with inspecting website content and on-page optimization needed on clients websites’ based on finalized keywords. This includes, but is not limited to the creation, editing and updating of;
        • Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H tags/Headings, Body content, checking keyword density, keyword variation, internal and external linking; etc. 
      • Assist with WordPress and TotalControl updates to content such as posting content, adding links and adjusting keywords
      • Assistance with outlining missed content opportunities for new pages or editing existing pages based on preexisting site and/or competition
      • Writing supplemental core content to website pages to support SEO
      • Identify any pages that contain “thin” content that should be bolstered. Typically 500 words or less with the ability of using and to identify updates needed
      • Identifying and creating engaging tailored, localized content and the subsets of that content
      • Supporting SEO Content Manager with a continued plan for revisiting past clients’ optimization based on rankings and competition
      • Reviewing most popular content pages using Google Analytics and check for any opportunities for improvements
      • Make suggestions for Evergreen content
  • Link Building Content
      • Assist in bridging specific link building content creation recommendations as outlined from our Link Manager to include, but not limited to, scholarship postings, email newsletters for online business reviews or anything else as needed, downloadable white papers, content creation to support infographics, in-depth guides/forms; the use of predictive search, LSIs, or PAAs for content creation
      • Recommendations/Consultation to our clients for identified Guest Blogging opportunities from our Link Manager
      • Helping draft SEO scripts for video creation based on finalized keywords 
      • Create optimized content on the website to support for videos, if it does not already exist
      • Fully assist in optimizing videos to be submitted to clients’ YouTube channels 
  • Social Media
    • Write social media posts as needed per specific social media campaigns
    • Write snippets/excerpts from offsite/onsite blogs for social, as needed
    • Assist in direction for Social Media Posting Cycle
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