Value Over Money: How PaperStreet Makes a Sale

Robin Tidrick

June 12, 2015

The Critical Components of the Sales Process

What is the role of a sales manager?  Most people would say to hit numbers, sell as much as possible and create revenue.  While we agree that selling is vital to the success of our business, we also believe in the customer experience.

In a world where user/client experience is often forgotten, PaperStreet is a shining example of putting the client first.  Our sales process follows a few crucial steps to differentiate ourselves from the competition in today’s competitive market.

  • Value – The key to selling any product or service is value. There has to be value in order for your company to have success.  Value is determined through price, perceived value, and customer awareness.  A good salesperson is able to realize what a client wants, educate them on that product, and ultimately drive them to purchase. A good salesperson shares the right amount of knowledge for the client to see the perceived value in a product.  We then back up that information by showing our finished product, which is the real value of our work.
  • Educate – Clients call us because we are the experts in law firm web design, development, and internet marketing. We have reached this level by helping educate our clients.  Helping clients  realize what they need vs what they want is a crucial part of my job.  I am not here to sell clients on the most expensive package, but rather sign them for a design level that makes sense for their business and goals.  We pride ourselves on being transparent with our costs, informative with our knowledge, and award winning with our design.
  • Find Solutions – Another key aspect of our sales process is providing solutions. If we cannot accommodate a client for a certain feature of their online business we will find a way to create it, or we will find a company that does it well.  We have 26 of the most resourceful people in the industry leading the way at PaperStreet.  We will find a solution to any of our clients’ problems from coding and design to conversions and grammar.  We realize that every new challenge is simply an opportunity for growth.
  • Set Clear Deliverables – Any project, no matter the size requires a very clear, detailed set of deliverables. Before we begin any project we make sure both the client and PaperStreet are on the same page regarding the service being delivered and the deliverables (what is included).  A clear list prevents headaches, under-quoted projects, and wasted company resources down the road.  Our mission at PaperStreet is to impress and get results.  Simply put, we put forth that motto everyday for our company and our clients.
  • Return on Investment – A quality website is always worth the investment. We specialize in creating amazing responsive websites.  More than half of all web traffic is performed on mobile devices. Now, more than ever creating a responsive website is vital to businesses in all industries; especially law firms.  We make sure our team adopts the latest industry standards to stay on the cutting edge of web design and internet marketing.  PaperStreet has a firm understanding of what our clients need.

Contact us today if you would like insight into what a new website could do for your business. We look forward to chatting with you and finding solutions to meet your needs.

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