Reasons You Should Be Sharing Big Wins on Your Blog

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If you’re interested in modifying your firm website, developing a new website or simply expanding some of your blog content, then the chances are that you’ve contemplated whether to share your success stories — your “big wins” — online.

Worth noting is that state regulation governs this sort of legal marketing, so one must be careful not to run afoul of the law with respect to how one advertises their success stories.

There are reasonable arguments for inclusion and exclusion. Those who favor exclusion may argue that their clients would be uncomfortable with their case (even anonymized) being discussed openly online. They might also feel that by discussing their success stories, it somehow cheapens the professional branding of their web presence.

If exclusion is desired, one can still create an effective web presence. There are, however, many reasons as to why, including “big wins” on your blog can have a positive impact. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons below.

Consider the following.

Inspiring Employees and Expressing Satisfaction with Their Work-Product

Many firms do not realize that sharing their success stories on their legal blog is not only meant for prospective clients and opposing counsel but is actually useful for building employee morale. Employees may be inspired by reminders of how your firm has helped clients in vulnerable situations, and by the successes of colleagues in situations that may have been genuinely challenging to litigate. Further, it’s good for morale to express satisfaction with your employees by celebrating their successes on your blog.

Demonstrating a Proven Track Record of Success

In today’s legal industry, the necessity of online firm marketing has created a crowded and hyper-competitive branding space. Basic marketing language — even thorough, well-written content — may not give the prospective client a sense that your capabilities are fundamentally different than those of your competitors.

One of the ways how you can prove that you are more capable than your competition is to simply include your “big wins” on your firm blog. When clients can scroll through and read about your success stories, they can recognize the value you bring to the table and even visualize how you could help them secure the result they’re looking for. The legal industry is — and likely always will be — client-oriented, but results-driven. As such, engaging the client’s desire for the best possible result is a surefire way to separate yourself from the pack.

Proving a Willingness to Litigate

All too often, litigators have minimal experience in the courtroom. Though avoiding trial is good practice for most disputes, litigators who do not have the practical experience in the courtroom may be unwilling and incapable of trying a case to a conclusion if trial litigation is necessary to secure the best result for the client.

Sharing your wins on your law firm blog is important not only to show that you have secured substantial results for clients in the past but also to show that you do not shy away from pursuing a claim to its end (when circumstances require).

Setting the Tone for a Transparent Relationship with Clients

Firms regularly advertise to prospective clients by telling them that they are committed to developing an “open” and “transparent” relationship with the client, but in truth, there are no teeth to this claim. It’s not at all uncommon for a client to engage with a firm that prides itself on building collaborative attorney-client relationships, only to be kept in the dark (concerning case developments) and left dissatisfied with the level of information being communicated back-and-forth.

Sharing your success stories on your firm blog is a big step towards demonstrating that you actually value transparency. Firms that are unwilling to discuss their wins may give off the impression that they have something to hide, and that they are therefore less likely to be open in other aspects of the attorney-client relationship.

Giving Opposing Counsel Pause

If opposing counsel is doing their job correctly, they will almost certainly investigate and attempt to profile your firm — by doing so, they hope to gain an understanding of the sort of challenge they are likely to face over the course of litigation, and whether they can “bully” you into accepting an unfavorable settlement. By sharing big wins on your website, you will give the impression that you are an able firm that is unintimidated by the prospect of complex and large-scale litigation.

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Most firms do not realize how their website content can influence prospective clients and create a negative/positive impression. The legal marketing landscape is continually changing, and it’s important to stay informed so that you do not fall behind your competitors when it comes to online branding and customer acquisition.

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