Quick Site Launch and SEO Checks for a New Website


Set Yourself Up for Success

We have a 4 hour checklist that we run before all site launches. We go to great detail to make sure all sites launch perfectly. Some of the main factors for SEO though are the following:

1. Home Page Content
Check to make sure the keyword phrases you are targeting actually appear in the home page copy. Sounds like a no-brainer, but I have seen sites launch without any keyword phrases in the copy.

2. Redirects of Domain
Make sure you capture all redirects of all domains. They should redirect to www.your-domain.com (or your-domain.com). Pick one or the other and redirect everything to one version though.

4. Robots.txt
Create a robots.txt file and make sure no disallow is not turned on (it might be on for testing purposes.)

5. Redirects of Pages
Make sure you redirect all old pages via 301 to the new pages. Sometimes this is easy for 30 page websites. Sometimes this can be a several hour task for 100 page websites.

6. Title Tags
Make sure each page has proper title tags. Don’t go crazy with spam. Pick your best terms and use them in the Title tags. If you have a long firm name, abbreviate or leave out of the Title tag. Google will know its your firm from the copy and footer.

7. Sitemap, Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Install Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, create a real user sitemap and also upload a sitemap xml to Google.

8.  Calls to Action
Make sure all your pages have at least one call to action. Make it easy for people to contact you.

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