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Q&A: Client Reviews PaperStreet Services

Our friends at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A. recently answered some questions about working with PaperStreet. Take a look at what they had to say about the PaperStreet process and team.

1. Are you pleased with PaperStreet’s work?

Absolutely, 100%.  I have not dealt with any member of their team who disappointed.

2. Did they meet deadlines?

They were . . .  patient.  We were the ones who didn’t meet deadlines.  They understood, even though our delays may have overrun their work schedule.

3. Were they willing to work within your scope?

We worked with them to set up our website in a way that would be easy to navigate.  They made suggestions if what we were asking for wasn’t necessarily the best idea.  We relied on their experience, but they worked within our scope.

4. Were their proposed costs accurate? Were there any unexpected additional costs?

Their proposed costs were accurate.  I believe they evaluate the approximate number of hours they estimate it will take, and they did not charge for anything extra that was within their quote.  During the build, however, we decided we wanted to incorporate a blog, and because we wanted the blog to blend with our site, we paid additional for that.  As well, we decided to include “moving” award badges on our attorney bio pages, which was not in the original plan, and we had them do that, but that was at our request.

5. Did they provide helpful suggestions for improvements that your firm had not considered prior?

They did.  And, just recently, they contacted us to suggest a couple of minor changes to make the site a bit “fresher,” and we went with their suggestions.

6. Do they still provide support to your website?

They do.  However, their product, Total Control, allows us to make almost all the additions and modifications to our site ourselves, without their involvement.  Only more complicated tasks need to be done by them, and they are usually completed within a few days (depending on the complexity).  They also work with us if we have an urgent need for something, and can do it right away.

7. Would you use them again?

Absolutely, without hesitation.

8. Do you have any suggestions for creating a positive working relationship with PaperStreet?

One of the biggest reasons we chose PaperStreet is because Pete Boyd is a lawyer.  We felt that his legal experience would help build a better legal website.  And designers are designers.  I say this because sometimes what we see visually just doesn’t sit right with a designer.  (They, after all, have college degrees in things like shapes and colors.)  For a positive working relationship, I think you need to rely on their suggestions.  The whole process is very particular.  They will provide you with a “design brief” where you put all your thoughts down on paper.  They analyze it, and come up with a framework suggestion.  If you like particular colors, they will work those in (you’ll see ours is mostly black, white and red).  A positive working relationship requires trust that they know what they are doing design-wise.  They are the professionals in that arena.

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