Part 2: Video Blogging – Creating, Uploading and Posting Videos to Your Website

Step one to video blogging is determining the topics of the video and familiarizing yourself with best practices. Once you have a plan you need to execute it – that means recording, uploading, sharing and posting the video.

Creating Law Firm Videos

Once you have your ideas planned out you need to determine how you are going to record your video. Check out our tips below for executing your videos:

  • Film multiple videos at one time. Bring in 12 ties and six shirts. In half a day you will have enough videos to post monthly for a year.
  • Professional videographer too expensive? Seek out the video editor at a local college newspaper (or a videographer student). They will likely do the work for half the price and are happy to get the experience. If someone in your office is particularly tech-savvy, skip hiring someone and do the project in house with your iPhone and a tripod (just make sure the end result is still of high quality and professional).
  • Make sure the final videos are in a format YouTube supports

Uploading Your Video to YouTube

Most of our clients are using WordPress or Total Control as their content management system. Both platforms make adding videos to your website easy, but first you have to upload them to your video hosting platform, YouTube or Vimeo.

Instructions for YouTube:

  1. Login at
  2. Click Upload in the top right hand corner
  3. Select your files to upload (your videographer or tech-savvy in-house person should send you the final files)
  4. While it begins to upload fill in the title and description. Remember to optimize.
  5. Select the most appropriate category and add accurate tags. For example: lawyer, real estate law, Florida …
  6. When the bar at the top disappears the video is ready to publish, click Publish.
  7. The screen will reload with the link to your video.

Once you have the link to your video you can share it on your social media accounts (and you should). If your Google+ account is synced with your YouTube channel it will already post, so don’t dupe.

Posting Videos to Your Website

The instructions for posting videos to your site are going to vary depending on where the videos live on your website. However, adding a video to your blog is a popular way to share content and easy to do.

  1. On YouTube, under your video display there is a button that reads Share. Click Share.
  2. Click Embed and copy the code that appears in the text box.
  3. Next open up your content management system and add a new blog post.
  4. Copy the embed code into the text area and format the blog as normal (add a title, author, body content).
  5. Preview your work to make sure the code is producing the video. Hint: If you are using WordPress sometimes you have to help WP recognize that the text is code and not normal body text. You can do this by selecting the Code button that appears on your text toolbar. Add the Code verbiage before and after the code.
  6. Publish your blog post and share the link.

As an SEO client our team can explain the steps above in detail for your site, as they may vary. If you want to add a video to a specific page, additional steps are required. We recommend PaperStreet clients call the office, 954-523-2181. We can upload the video for you, or schedule a time to train members of your team to do it themselves.

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