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Branding for your Law Firm: Your Website, Logo, Brochures and Corporate Identity

We have all heard the importance of creating a powerful brand image, but where do we begin? First you must define what you stand for. What are your goals? Who is your target audience? Defining what your company stands for will give you an idea of where to begin your marketing.

Creating a cohesive brand image for your company is the next step. People need to be able to remember you; the key is being consistent and repetitive across all platforms. What does this mean?”  This means using a chosen color scheme, logo, design, etc. throughout all marketing facets of your business.

PaperStreet has recently designed a cohesive brand image for Sherr & Vaughn PLLC, which includes their logo, website, multiple brochures and business cards.

View the PaperStreet corporate identity portfolio to see how we utilize brand consistency across all platforms to create powerful marketing for our various clients.

Take a look at the PaperStreet web design portfolio and print design portfolio for ideas on creating positive brand awareness.

Please contact PaperStreet with any inquiries on how we can improve your brand image and create a cohesive design for your business.

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