PaperStreet Now Offering Video Services – Create, Edit Upload & Post a New Law Firm Video

Videos are starting to have a more important place on the web. To better serve our clients, PaperStreet is excited to offer video creation services to our clients.

About the Videos

A professional videographer would visit you on-site and setup everything.  We would load the videos into YouTube or Vimeo (your preference) and place them on your website once complete.

Video Types

We have three video types:  Profile, Scripted and Testimonial.

  • A profile video showcases your firm in a personal way.  It is an unscripted, authentic interview of you or a key employee.  The shots are natural and engaging.  An example is on our own home page of our website, or you can watch it on YouTube.
  • A scripted video is just like the name implies.  These are professional written scripts and recorded voice-overs.  Typically these style shoots are more for businesses, than law firms.
  • A testimonial video is an unscripted interview with current and past clients.

Finally, we also have FAQ videos available.  These are short question and answer videos, typically one question per video. They are about 30-seconds each.

The Shoot & Budget

Included with the package is a one-location shoot, one interview, and one round of edits. The videos are $999 per 30-second spot and $599 for FAQ videos. If multiple locations, interviews or questions are needed, then we simply order more videos.

If you have any specific questions, or are interested in hearing more about the video shoots contact me, Pete, by phone or email: 954-523-2181 or



Additional Information on Videos & Your Website

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