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An Excerise in Establishing Core Differences

Summarizing Your Services in a Simple Sentence

It is a good practice to be able to verbalize what you do in a simple sentence. Not only does it come in handy ay holiday parties — you know, when people you don’t like ask “what is it that you do, hunni?” — but, from a business perspective, short and simple carries a lot of weight and can help you narrow why clients should choose you. It strengthens your marketing plan and helps deliver a clear message to your audience.

For example, let’s consider why you should choose PaperStreet. The core differences at PaperStreet for all of our services:

  1. SEO – Ethical and exclusive search results
  2. Design – Unlimited design time, 100% ownership, experience with 1000+ happy law firms
  3. Development & Support – Same day support, responsive sites and secure publishing platform
  4. Content – All attorney writers; backed by our dedicated content editing team

How would you simplify the core differences at your law firm or business?

PaperStreet :