PaperStreet Essentials: The Steps to Building Legal Websites on a Budget


Since 2001 PaperStreet has helped more than 1000 clients develop an impressive online presence. In 15+ years we have come across many types of law firms from the solo practitioners to large firms with hundreds of attorneys.

When clients contact us we hear their needs and make our recommendation regarding what products will best fit their needs. Often clients have a small budget to work with or don’t really need anything extra fancy. Sometimes clients just need a solid web presence. Guess what!? We have exactly what you need!

Our Essentials web design line is aimed at small firms, solo practitioners and firms on a tight budget. It gives you all the basic features you need with some flexibility. Once you receive the project brief, fill out all the information and make a few decisions so we can get started.

Sometimes clients just need a solid web presence. Guess what!? We have exactly what you need!

Step 1: Select a Layout

Visit our Essentials design portfolio and select a layout. Whether you would like to have an impressive photo, a call to action driven website, or a modular design, the first step is to select a layout from our library.

Step 2: Select a Logo or Send Us the Original Files

If you don’t have a logo, you can select one of the logos in our library. We will use your firm’s name and will use your preferred color palette.

If you have a logo, we will need the EPS or the PSD file of your logo. If our basic library isn’t cutting it, we offer custom logo packages if you need something absolutely unique. Contact us to discuss at 954-523-2181.

Step 3: Select Photos

We include up to five photos from the iStock’s Essential library for free. If you need more than five photos, or if you would like to choose from the Signature library on iStock, there will be a charge per photo.

Here’s how you select from the Essentials library:

  • Go to
  • Type in a keyword that you are looking for and press Enter.
  • Click on the Essentials Library.
  • Click on License Type and select creative.
  • Click on an image you like, it will take you to the image’s page. Copy the URL and paste it on the email or Word doc.
  • Select all 5 images and submit all 5 URLs.

About Other Photos, Badges, Watermarks and Graphic Elements

Your website will likely require more than just five stock photos. Review the steps below to get us the other important artwork your website will require:

  • Bio Photos – Please name the photos with the corresponding attorneys’ names and save all photos in one zipped folder; send it to your main point of contact.
  • Firm or Practice Area Photos – Please name the photo with the corresponding page name and save all photos in one zipped folder; send it to your main point of contact.
  • Badges / Logos – Provide all files you would like to use. There are multiple versions of the same badges/logos and you need to submit the exact ones you would like to use. Please save all photos in one zipped folder and send it to your main point of contact.

Step 4: Finish Content

Are you going to provide us all the content or did you sign up for one of our content packages?

  • If you are providing content, please download our Master Content File example file. You’ll need to define what pages you will have on the site, this is called Site Architecture, and provide the content to all of these pages in the Master Content File.
  • If you have signed up for one of our content packages, we will create a Site Architecture for you and discuss what pages we’ll be writing for you during the Kick Off call.
    • You will work with one of our writers that will be assigned to your project to complete the pages that we’ll be writing for you.
  • If you need ideas for the attorneys’ bios please download our Attorney Bio template You’ll need to include the bios in the Master Content File as well.

Step 5: Development Stage

Once we have all of the above gathered and approved to be placed on the site, we will start development. It will take us around three weeks to deliver a testing link for your review. You will have two rounds of review to provide your feedback then we will schedule the website launch.

Step 6: Launch!

As soon as the site is approved to go live, we will schedule it to happen in our first available slot. If your domains have been purchased through a third party vendor such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Rackspace, etc., we will need your login and password to point your domain to our servers. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can give you the IP address and you can log into your account and point your domains yourself.

We know you are busy and have your own daily activities so we have made this process as easy and smooth as possible for your convenience and we are here to help you along the way.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Essentials, please call us at 954-523-2181 or contact us through our website.

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