PaperStreet Announces New Total Control Updates

We have made a lot of improvements to Total Control, our in-house content management system for lawyers, since it started running in 2004. In order to meet the changing demands of legal professionals and web development trends, we are always continuing to improve our platform.

New Features

We’ve recently launched the following new features on Total Control:

  • Drag and Drop Reorder – You can reorder the content, attorneys and practices with a click and drag feature.
  • Title Tag and Meta Description Pixel Counter – The counter makes it easy to determine the length of your title tags and meta descriptions.
  • View All Title Tags on One Page – You can now view all your titles tags on one page, making bulk edits easy.
  • OG Tag for Social Media – It’s now easier to associate data from your post with your social media posts.
  • Microdata Generator Code for Offices – You can create missing fields to generate microdata code from this trusted source.
  • Show Related Offices and Practices on Edit Attorneys Page – From one page view, relate an attorney to multiple offices and multiple practices.
  • Show Image Dimensions to Client – There are new image fields that allow you to see the dimensions of the photograph.
  • Add Vimeo Videos to Video Gallery – In addition to YouTube, you can now add Vimeo embeds to your gallery pages.
  • Custom CSS Block for Clients – If you’re so inclined you can now edit your CSS and overwrite the original theme.
  • Migrating Between Modules – A new tool allows you to migrate from one module to another (this is mostly for website admins at Paperstreet).
  • Cases Module – You can now update cases modules to match the other modules.
  • Add Page Revision History – The new “Undo” button allows you to revert to a previous version of the page.
  • Live Link Check on Edit Page – While editing a page you can now display all broken links on the current page.
  • Link Checker on Entire Site – Utilize this new tool to verify all links on the website.

Additional Updates Coming in December

We are still in the process of testing a two-factor authentication feature, which would add phone number verification with a text message code for logins, making your CMS that much more secure. In addition, we are working to create the software necessary to import directly from GatherContent, a third-party system that Paperstreet uses for new design projects. We hope this will decrease some of our development time.

During our next update, we plan to add improved social media connectivity, a visual editor and additional documentations features. We’re always looking for ideas that would make using Total Control easier. Want something added, changed or udpated? Let us know via the contact form.

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