PaperStreet Achieves Immediate Traffic Improvements with Law Firm Website Redesign

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Recently, PaperStreet was tasked with redesigning a website for Bloom Legal geared toward traffic ticket law in the New Orleans area.  The website, nolatix.com, was doing well for a small site, but needed to increase page views, decrease the bounce rate and draw more visitors.

PaperStreet accomplished all of these goals within two weeks of launching the new redesign. In order to track our success, we took a two – week sample from Google Analytics before we launched the new site, and a two- week sample from Google Analytics two weeks after launching the site.

Key Stats from PaperStreet’s Successful Website Redesign

Visits Before: 58
Visits After: 140

Unique Visitors Before: 52
Unique Visitors After: 78

Page Views Before: 98
Page Views After: 546

Pages / Visit Before: 1.69
Pages / Visit After: 3.90

Average Visit Duration Before: 00:02:29
Average Visit Duration After: 00:04:30

Bounce Rate Before: 72.41%
Bounce Rate After: 66.43%

It is clear to see from the statistics above that the redesign of the site was a success. More unique visitors, more page views, more pages per visit, longer duration each visit and a lower bounce rate – what more could you ask for?

View of the Newly Redesigned Site


Google Analytics Two – Week Summary Pre-Redesign


Google Analytics Two- Week Summary Post-Redesign


How Can PaperStreet Web Design Help My Firm?

If you are interested in how PaperStreet can help you improve your law firm website, please contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation.

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3 Responses to PaperStreet Achieves Immediate Traffic Improvements with Law Firm Website Redesign

  1. Gyi
    12:34 pm on February 19th, 2013

    Good stuff. I’d be interested in seeing these numbers specifically for organic search too.

  2. Peter Boyd
    2:00 pm on February 19th, 2013

    I can post those too. We were more focused on the design changes leading to big improvements in time on site and page views. SEO for this niche site has not changed too much, in fact, it’s all just onpage tactics for this project.

  3. Gyi
    5:28 pm on February 19th, 2013

    Cool. I’d be willing to bet those on-page changes helped in search too.

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