Now Hiring – HR Manager . . . of Happiness

Peter Boyd

October 4, 2018

UPDATE:  Position Filled.

 PaperStreet is looking for a new Manager of HR.  We will call them the Manager of Happiness, because HR Manager sounds sooo…1980s.   

The goal of the position would be to recruit the best candidates, training and performance, assist with employee day-to-day questions, and develop policies.  Overall the main goal is to improve employees happiness by having a clear plan for everyone as to their role and path for growth. Some key tasks would include:

  • Recruiting & Staffing
    • Drafting, Posting Ads & Descriptions of Jobs
    • Screening Applications
    • Interviews & Negotiations
  • Employee Orientation & Performance
    • Technology Access & Organizational Chart Updates
    • Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations
    • Policies – Review current policies, update, and track/enforce (Handbook, Work Agreements, Vacation/Sick Policies, Contracts, etc).
    • Reviews – Setup Performance Tracking, Departmental Planning/Goals, and Monitor Performance
    • Issues – Handle any employee issues and internal relations
  • Employee Services & Office Duties
    • Healthcare Questions, Concerns, Contacts & Plans
    • Office Parties, Birthdays, & Planning
    • Vacation/Sick Tracking
    • Peer Recognition & Events
    • Remote Team Trips – Twice Year (hotels, cars, events)
    • Training, Surveys, Recognition, Workforce Planning, Compensation & Benefits
  • Policy Development
    • Organizational departmental planning
    • Performance management and improvement systems
    • Develop questionnaire template for exit interviews and conduct them
    • Draft and compile document bank of HR and recruiting templates such as job ads, interview questions, offer letters, screening questions, exit interviews, rejection letters, warning letters, and other policies.

We love checklists and have an even more detailed chart, but the above is for starts.  We actually have a lot of the above documents and policies created, but we need your help in finalizing them, improving, and adhering to them.  If you have experience in most of the above tasks, then we would like to talk with you.

Part-Time Work & Rates

We believe this will be a part-time role about 15 to 20 hours per week.  Initially more hours may be needed to assist with hiring and setup.  But we are a smaller company currently and the role will scale over time.  Our budget currently is in the $25,000 to $30,000 range per year for part-time work.  The rate will depend on your experience.

What We Need in a Manager of Happiness

The ideal candidate has a 4-year degree.  You should also have at least a few years of real on the job design experience in Human Resources (HR). You need to be located in Fort Lauderdale.  You also need to be nice.  It sounds easy, but we want someone that is nice and fun to work with. You should uphold the highest level of professionalism and discretion as is customary with this role.

About PaperStreet

We are a leading web design firm in Florida, passionate about both our work and our play.   We currently have about 30 employees and another 10 or so contractors.  We have designed more than 1,500 custom sites in the past 17 years. We do award winning work for law firms.  You can check us out at

How to Apply?

So, come on, if you fit the bill, make an impact on a growing firm.  To apply please do the following only:

  1. Send an email to careers [at]
  2. The Subject must be:  HR Manager of Happiness – Fill In Your Name
  3. Attach a PDF Resume
  4. Include a few short paragraphs about you in the email and why you want the role.  Be witty, be professional, but be you.
  5. Thanks for applying and sorry, no phone calls please.










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