New Site Launch Problems or DNS Confusion?


Help!  My Site is Not Loading on the New Launch!?!?!?  What is DNS?????

First, don’t worry. Your site is working for most of the world. If you can’t see it on your own computer network, then you probably need to update your DNS cache to get the new IP address of the new server. Until this happens, you may not see the new site.

A good first test is to load your site on your mobile phone on LTE (not WiFi). See if it loads. It probably will. Then compare that to your desktop or laptop on your local company network. It probably doesn’t load on the desktop computer network. If so, DNS is the culprit for your local computer.

DNS cache is a storage record of all common websites and their IP addresses that you visit. The cache has a list of all IP addresses, so that your computer does not have to look them up each time you visit the same site. This saves time in resolving websites and making them load quicker, especially for sites you visit daily.

For your new website launch, we are on a new server with a new IP address. So your old DNS cache entry is incorrect. Your DNS cache needs to be cleared to get this new IP. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Reboot. Rebooting is easy and will typically clear the cache (but not always).
  2. Clear DNS cache via this article. It should clear and allow you to see the site. Clear DNS Article
  3. Call your IT for support. They will know how to assist and clear the DNS on your computer or local network. Sometimes they have hard coded a DNS entry for the website into the network and that will need to be updated. We can provide the new IP as needed.
  4. Wait 24 hours and usually the DNS may clear naturally.

If you have any questions, let us know. We are here to help

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