New Service: Explainer Videos


There’s a perception among law firms that production and filming videos are too time-consuming and expensive to be an effective tactic. Our new explainer video service challenges this assumption. 

Explainer videos are short-format videos that use animation and narration to explain your firm’s practice areas, unique approach, or competitive advantage in an accessible and engaging way.

What is the Process?

The best part about these videos is that you don’t need to film at all! 

  1. We will help you select a worthwhile topic and create a 250 to 300-word script for the video.
  2. We will create a storyboard with a scene outline and identify the art, text, and animations required. 
  3. We will create custom art assets for characters, objects, and concepts.   
  4. We create animations following the scene outline.  As the story comes together, last-minute changes and adjustments are often required. 
  5. We record, edit, and modify the narrative track to give it a professional feel. 
  6. We build the video by piecing together the animations, syncing the scenes with the voice-over, and adding any last-second polish.

Stand out from the crowd and leverage the marketing power of video with our new custom packages. Explainer videos can be used to attract potential clients, engage current followers, and increase your reach. 

Contact Us

Contact PaperStreet to learn more about our custom packages. We can help write the script, storyboard, create the artwork, animate, and voiceover the video; give us a call at 954-523-2181 or contact us

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