New Features Announcement from the Google Performance Summit


May 26, 2016

This week, Google’s Performance Summit showcased several of the new changes Google is rolling out in the next few months. They have fully adapted to a mobile-first world by helping companies better market their services and products. Here’s what we can expect to see in the very near future.

Text Ads

Text ads are how companies introduce and define themselves to potential new customers.

Ads with longer headlines are more useful to mobile users because they provide more information before searchers actually touch the ad. In the coming months, Google is adding more characters to the headline and description lines in AdWords, adding a total of 50 percent more text per ad. Many advertisers who have tested the change have seen an increase in click thru-rate (CTR) of up to 20 percent.

Bid Adjustments

Mobile global searches reached the trillions last year, completely surpassing tablet and desktop. To date, AdWords only provides the option to increase/decrease bids on mobile devices.

Part of Google’s change is allowing advertisers to control individual bid adjustments for mobile, desktop and tablet all the way up to +900 percent.

Display Ads

If you don’t have a graphic designer to create custom banner ads for you, Google has come up with a solution. By simply providing Google with an image, headline, description and URL, Google will create the ads that will adapt to any website or device.

Google Map Ads

Today, more than 1 billion people use Google Maps. It’s how people get around and find the nearest business to meet their needs and wants. With Google’s changes, advertisers will be able to promote their ads within a promoted pin. For example, if someone is in search of the nearest pet store to buy dog food, they can do a Google search and be able to see all of the pet stores in their area. Pet store advertisers are able to have a promoted pin with a coupon and other information about their store.

Once the Google Map pin or ad is clicked on, a customizable business page expands, where the searcher can view location, phone number, hours and directions. More importantly, the coupon is visible and the inventory for dog food (your Google searched keywords) is there as well.

This is extremely valuable. According to Google, 75 percent of people searching on Google Maps visit the store/business within a day and 28 percent of the time, it results in a purchase.

Similar Audiences For Search

This will allow you to reach searchers who have similar interests with people who have already visited your site. Google is adding this feature to show your text ad to people who are probably interested in your brand because their search behavior mirrors those who have engaged with your site in the past.

In summary, Google is making it easier for brands to understand their customer, their searching habits and the best time to reach them. It’s time for advertisers to fine tune their digital strategies to be prepared for the many changes coming within the next 3-4 months.

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