Multiple Domains for Law Firms: What to do?


Action Plan

I am often asked the question of what to do with multiple domains for a law firm. Below are a few suggestions for what you can do if you find yourself win this situation.

301 Redirect is the Best

If you are not going to build unique, indepdent sites, then 301 redirect all your domains into your parent site. A 301 redirect causes the domain to fully redirect and change its name to the site you are redirecting to.

It Creates a Nice Redirect

So if you 301 the domain, then it becomes when people visit This is proper as you don’t want two independent versions of your site running on the web under different domains – its bad for SEO.

WWW vs non-WWW

In fact, you really should not have a www and non-www version of your site, just redirect everything into the www version (or non-www version). Have your tech person create a 301 redirect for your non-www version of your site into the www version.

301 Passes Over Link Value

A 301 passes over any link value (i.e. anyone linking to that previous domain). So in our case, we are able to pass over all old value of links to This really helps if you have multiple domains with each their own value. This is awesome when two firms merge as they get the benefit of both domains link power – if 301’d correctly.

No Direct Match for SEO Purposes with a 301

However, a 301 does not pass over any “direct match” value of the keyword phrases in the domain. So any use of the domain is strictly from a link perspective and not “direct match” of the keywords. Don’t let anyone tell you that buying 50 domains with keyword phrases in them helps, it doesn’t unless you create actual web sites with those domains.

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  1. havenja07
    11:03 pm on June 3rd, 2010

    the disclaimers have a nasty habit of triggering spam filters. I have seen it time and time again, where law firms call wondering why their email is not getting to their clients. It’s because their clients are businesses and don’t want to be hit with spam. Often, the language in the disclaimer is what triggers the spam filter to block the message. Of course, perhaps it’s doing the client a service by blocking lawyer comments.
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