Robin TidrickYou Might Need a New Website If …

Websites go out of style quickly.  The web development world is always changing and updating.  So, it is important to ask yourself, especially if you have not updated in multiple years, “do I need a new website?”

Let us help you answer that question.

You might need website if …

  •  … your copyright is dated below 2005 (unlike wine, websites do not age well).
  •  … your contact form goes to an employee who left years ago.
  •  … your contact phone number is your ex-partner’s cell phone
  •  … your site is linked to by a porn site, and you don’t practice in “entertainment” law (true story).
  •  … the color scheme can’t be seen clearly except when using 3-D glasses.
  •  … you have more than four fonts or typefaces.
  •  … you are still viewing a “full site view” rather than a mobile version.
  •  … you feature pictures of a cell phone circa 2000.
  •  … your spinning animations no longer dance.
  •  … you have spinning animations.
  •  … your URL re-directs to the White House for more information.
  •  … it is the subject of any Bar joke (or Bar reprimand).

PaperStreet Can Help

At PaperStreet we offer three core services: Design, Search Engine Optimization and Content. We have packages that can help a variety of clients with their Internet marketing needs. If your website has any of the above qualities you may want to consider an upgrade. We can offer suggestions and solutions–contact us.

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