The Mega Video Blogging Topic List

Half the battle of creating quality videos for your law firm website is finding something worth talking about aka recording. Lucky for you, we pulled our brains and provided this mega list of topic ideas. BONUS: They also work as blog post ideas.

At the very least, use this list for inspiration. If you develop an idea not on this list, let us know in the comments and we will expand it.

  • Discuss legal developments – changes in the law, recent local legislation
  • Explain controversies in the news – both local and national; take advantage of big court cases, like the Casey Anthony trial, these big national news stories create a great opportunity to get page views.
  • Define legal terms
  • Preview big local events – like Mardi Gras, football games, festivals; you can provide tips for getting home safely, traffic tips, advice for staying out of trouble
  • Did a local story make national news? Share your opinion on it.
  • Answer frequently asked questions – have someone site down with you in front of the camera and ask you a series of questions
  • Answer questions directly from clients – what is great about this idea is that you create the opportunity to tag the person on social media when you share the video; post to social media asking for questions, then when you share the video (answering their questions) you can tag them in the post
  • Combine photos of office activities together in a year-end slideshow; this is simple to do and you can apply it to almost any event. Sometimes photos are less intrusive then pictures. If you have 15 + photos from an event, put them to some music and create a slide show (third-party applications exists that let you do this)
  • Do you sing happy birthday in the office? Tape it.
  • Recap a case your firm recently won – make sure that bar rules allow this.
  • Introduce a member of your team – in one day you can record short interviews with most of your team. Add them to the site in different intervals and show the people that you’re human!
  • Show off your office with a tour – is your office beautiful? Show it off! Do a virtual tour with your iPhone, or take a bunch of photographs and combine then into a video slideshow.
  • Tape office involvement in charity events, conferences, speaking engagements – is someone giving a speech? Accepting an award? Walking in a local race? All of these things can be recorded and added to the web.
  • Upload your commercials
  • Get access to press links where your firm is mentioned – make sure you have permission. Linking to local news stations is a good way to increase quality back links and gain a large audience.
  • Win an award? Talk about it – show excitement. Your video can feature someone holding the video and talking about it for 25 seconds – get excited! You won!
  • Start a video diary – Let your audience follow you in a segment called “30 Days of Being a Lawyer.”
  • Give advice to budding lawyers – Every year the industry booms as new faces get their licenses to practice. Share some advice, or congratulate new lawyers.
  • Group shout out – this can apply to anything. Perhaps a local business, or a particular person, did a favor for your group … gather at least 6 people (the more the better) and have them shout out a phrase all at the same time. For example, “Thanks Allison for your awesome blog post!” The video won’t be much longer than 10 seconds but the person it is for will never forget it.
  • Trending topics – remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Is there a reason your law firm didn’t participate? This is a perfect example of “jumping on the bandwagon.” #ALSicebucketchallenge was trending for weeks …. Lawyers can play too.


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    4:20 am on November 29th, 2014

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    7:55 pm on December 1st, 2014

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