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A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is exactly what the name implies – an easy-to-use online system for adding, editing and deleting content from your website. There are several CMS options available, with the most widely used one being WordPress. PaperStreet also offers Total Control, a CMS tailored specifically for law firms. With your newly redesigned website at PaperStreet, we also include Total Control or WordPress so you’ll be able to edit your website’s pages just as you would edit a Word document.

Total Control

Total Control has gone through several revisions since being developed by PaperStreet and currently operates under our newest server. Any site using Total Control will be hosted at PaperStreet, which also means nightly backups to our servers and excellent support. As mentioned earlier, Total Control is designed primarily for lawyers with specific sections for practice areas, seminars, offices, cases, news and more. Also, if you need a custom add-on, we can create it for you and customize Total Control to suit your needs.


First released in 2003, WordPress is currently on version 3.1.1 and has been downloaded over 30 million times. Several major websites are based off WordPress with custom themes and colors disguising the standard WordPress design. A main component of WordPress sites are plugins, which, simply put, are user-developed applications created primarily for one task. For example, a great plugin we use at PaperStreet is the All-In-One SEO Pack, designed to make SEO tags easy to update. With a very large community, a plugin has been developed for nearly everything from database backups to contact forms.

Overall, both Content Management Systems are very useful and make updating the text on your page as simple as possible. As a developer at PaperStreet, I work with both systems on a daily basis and would recommend both. WordPress takes some customizing and will require more input at the start to set up local backups and attorney fields. On the other hand, Total Control will be easy right out of the box, but doesn’t have thousands of pre-built plugins. In the end, both allow for easy updating and will make your life easier.

For a brief demo of Total Control, please visit our Content Management section to learn more. More information about WordPress can be found at the official website. Also, don’t hesitate to contact PaperStreet and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

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