Make Clients Fall in Love with Your SEO

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Are You Attracting Clients?

Is your website’s SEO making your clients fall in love…or is it more like the disaster date that sends everyone running? If you’re wondering why you’ve been unable to find a love connection on the vastness of the world wide web, don’t blame Cupid. The do’s and dont’s of digital marketing are shockingly similar to the rules of dating, and when done correctly, both result in happy, long-term relationships. So if the number of dates you’ve been on is in the single digits but your keyword rankings aren’t, then check out these three lousy dating habits your SEO may also be suffering from.

All You Talk About Is Yourself

You’re great, we get it. A one-sided conversation isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, though. When you solely use search engine optimization as an opportunity to sing your own praises, you’re doing very little to show someone whether you’re actually compatible, and you’re doing even less to create a meaningful connection.

While your intention may be to impress, you’re actually fast-tracking yourself to turning off your audience and being unrelatable. Not only is the self-aggrandizing preventing your viewer from learning what you’re actually about, but it also makes you appear oblivious to the needs or desires of your audience.


How to fix it: Instead of going on about what makes you great, update your copy to focus on what makes you a great fit for your customer. Specify what you have to offer and why you two would work well together. This could take the form of mutual values (ex: you both donate money to the environment), a tone that speaks to their personality (keep The Office references coming!), or physical qualities like your close proximity.


You’re trying too hard

“Just be yourself” is the uncontested winner of dating advice for an excellent reason: people crave authenticity.  It’s hard to feel a connection or establish a level of trust when you sense someone isn’t being “real”. The SEO equivalent to this dating faux pas? Keyword stuffing.

This is a frowned-upon technique that involves adding keywords (“stuffing”) onto a page as a means to manipulate web page rankings. Rather than indicating relevance or importance, inflating content in such a way makes you look phony and gets your site flagged as spammy. The end result is unnatural and  – even worse – the person you’re trying to win over can usually see right through it.


How to fix it: Instead of overwhelming the one you’re trying to woo with meaningless words you think they want to see, offer high-quality content that’s focused on providing worthwhile information to the end viewer. To put it in dating terms: having a natural and flowing conversation with your date increases the likelihood that they’ll stick around, and you’ll probably have a higher chance of scoring date number two.


You’re hard to get to know

We’ve already covered that a conversation hogger is a no-no, but dealing with someone who doesn’t open up is equally frustrating. Getting to know your date shouldn’t be like pulling teeth – and neither should it be for users on your site. The 3-click-rule is a good UX rule of thumb when evaluating site structure and usability. The concept of this guideline is that if it takes someone more than three clicks to find what they need, it could indicate that your pages and/or content aren’t arranged in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. If your webpage makes it difficult for users to find the information they need – or if it doesn’t offer it at all – you may very well find yourself with a cut-short session and unreturned phone calls.


How to fix it:  Be upfront and forthcoming with information. Strive to make your offerings, specialties, or skills, abundantly clear to the viewer immediately upon landing on your page. Through both your on-page copy or navigation menu categories, your website should give the other person enough information to get a sense of who you are in an easy-to-navigate manner.

Make Clients Fall in Love with Your SEO

If your law firm website is having a hard time finding that special someone, PaperStreet can show you that a connection is truly just a click away. We’re not matchmakers, but together our team can optimize your digital marketing strategy and make clients finally fall in love with your SEO.


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