Logo Basics: From Design and Development to Implementation

Your logo is a very important component of your brand, arguably the most important part. At PaperStreet we offer logo design services because we believe it is paramount to the overall branding goals of any law firm, or company for that matter.

Check out some of our previous posts (the headlines are hyperlinked) for a comprehensive overview of logo development. These five blog posts will answer the following questions:

  • Why do I need a logo?
  • How does your logo process work?
  • Is the bar okay with my logo design?
  • What is a vector file format?
  • What tools are available for logo design and development?

The Importance of A Logo

A logo sets the tone for everything a law firm does. It kick starts the firm’s marketing. Many law firms report that they do not have a logo because it is time consuming. If that sounds like you, then it sounds like you need a good designer. With a talented designer a logo can be developed as quickly as 20 hours. In less than a day you make a strong marketing move for your firm.

How PaperStreet Designs Logos

Logo design starts with determining what kind of logo the client prefers. We do this with a design brief. Then the brainstorming and research begins with our design team. Once everyone is clear on a direction, we begin sketching.  From the sketches comes a prototype. As mentioned above, logo development can happen in as little as 20 hours—we’ve got the process down.

Florida Bar Rules About Logos

Florida law firms can have logos. In fact the Florida bar never specifically mentions logos, but rather specifies between advertisements and unsolicited communication. As Pete Boyd, Founder of PaperStreet and Attorney says, “You are probably fine, unless you put $$ in front of your name.”

The Technicalities

We recommend using a vector file (aka EPS file) for your logo. Basically this is a type of file that stores color, lines and shading and is able to edit itself to show the highest resolution possible. Any printer will require your logo in this format. If you have a logo, but not a vector file, our team is usually able to trace your logo in a few hours.

Tools for Logo Development

Our team uses a neat iPad app—53 Paper—to sketch logos (the first design stage) for clients. If you think you may need a new logo, download the app and express your creativity. We start with the pencil tool.

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