Leveraging Technology to Improve Your Blog

Optimizing Your Business for Mobile Devices

The world is rapidly evolving with technology, and so should you. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about optimizing your business for mobile devices. This means not only creating an appealing website that adapts to smaller screen sizes, but also one that loads quickly. Most millenials today, including myself, generally have short attention spans and the likelihood of losing a viewer’s interest rises as load time increases. If you’re worried about your current website’s loading times, our post about helpful tips to improve website load speeds can be viewed here.

According to Emarketer, the average American spends approximately three hours and 43 minutes on their phone each day. Given this significant amount of time, it makes sense for more businesses to take advantage of mobile advertisement in addition to optimizing their sites for mobile devices. Although social media offers many advantages in regards to spreading ideas, mobile advertisements offer the aspect of convenience. The multitude of social media applications allow for quick and easy advertisement, anytime and anywhere. For these reasons, many businesses have started adapting their websites to a broader range of screen sizes. Many social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter allow for instant sharing of posts and it should be intuitive for most companies and businesses to share information across multiple platforms. Ultimately, more coverage over social media yields more visits and clicks. 


The combination of social media and mobile apps has proven to be a powerful way to spread ideas and communicate with your target audience. The key to building a following through social media is consistency. Captivating an audience normally does not happen overnight, but rather over time. Attracting more page views requires a constant flow of content to engage users and drive traffic. Launching a new site, blog or social media campaign and building recognition and reputation can be challenging, but it is imperative to avoid getting caught up in tracking progress.  It takes time and consistency to gain traction and it is important to not get discouraged when building a following.

Captivating Your Audience 

Attracting clicks is also challenging because many factors affect user click-through rates. Current events, popular topics, and trends all play a tremendous role in attracting the attention of users. Similar to writing an essay or telling a story, your content should feature an enticing title and an interesting hook to engage the reader.   Your title and headings are only the first step in keeping the reader engaged and interested. Word choice, formatting, flow and images are also imperative to captivating a reader. The amount of content produced daily on the web today can put tremendous pressure on content writers and creators to stand out from the noise. For tips on creating quality content, head over to our blog. We can assist you in getting your site where it needs to be.

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