Peter BoydLawyers are… Stereotyping Professions via Google Auto Complete.

Google auto complete is an interesting tool to see what others are thinking. Simply type a few works and don’t hit enter. Google will showcase some interesting related ideas.

Let’s see what the internet thinks about lawyers and compare that to other professions.

Lawyers are…

Ugh, this research is not going to go well.

Attorneys are…

Ouch, not much better. By the way, this trend pretty much continues for each area of practice (Family, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, etc). Scum is used on almost all searches, except, “Intellectual property attorneys are stifling innovation.” I guess that is better than being scum. I will save the bashing and move onto other professions.

Architects are…

I should have been an architect. Wait a minute, how do you go from being sexiest to stupid.

Clowns are…

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fellow lawyers, at least we are not clowns.

Farmers are…

Out of all the professions I typed in, this is the only one that gained a positive reputation. I guess this is why “God Made a Farmer.

Engineers are…

Ouch! This does not bode well for our roads, computers, and anything else engineers have created.

Web Designers are…

We’ll I just don’t know what to say.

Baseball Players are…

I actually think that may all be true to some degree.

Government Employees are…

Talk about being stereotyped.

Swimmers are…

I swim so no comment.

Runners are…

I also run so no comment.


In conclusion, pretty much any profession is lambasted by Google Auto Complete. Most people are negative online. Thus, negative terms will probably come up higher in an auto complete result.

Do not fret too much fellow lawyers. Yes, certain professions get hit harder, but overall the internet can be a tough crowd to please.

Overall we need to improve our public perception. The question is how do lawyers, local bar associations and state bar associations go about doing that?

Comments? Let us know your thoughts.

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