Law Firm Websites that Just Work


Legal Websites that Actually Work, Convert & Look Good

 If it were up to us every website would:

  • Provide valuable information
  • Convert via phone number and contact form
  • Look great
  • Feature custom photography
  • Rank high in search results

However, in the real world all of those things don’t usually happen (nor are they all important to the firm). We hear from clients most often that they want their website to convert website visitors (on all devices, mobile, tablet, desktop) to paying clients.

Check out some of our recent designs that were created to convert visitors to clients – these are law firm websites that just work!


Jacobson Law P.A.



  • A large contact form is front and center, making it easy to fill out when you’re ready for additional information.
  • The home page includes benefit writing – it clearly explains why this firm is better than others.
  • The office locations and phone numbers are strategically repeated throughout the site and on the footer.


Morrow & Sheppard


  • The bold “Free Online Case Evaluation” button jumps out at users and pulses at the top to draw attention.
  • The practice areas are clearly displayed on the home page with taglines reinforce what kind of work the firm does.


Levine Law (1)


  • A contact form is strategically placed to be one of the first things a new user sees when landing on the home page.
  • The large phone number at the top means the user always has the number in front of them.


South West Florida Probate Trial Lawyers

  • The large contact form is easily assessable from the home and subpages.
  • An Areas Served section provides information about the neighborhoods the firm practice in (which also helps with SEO).
  • The free consultation button pulses at the top when the new page is loaded – it’s hard not to notice.


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