JillianLaw Firm Website Design Inspiration: Best Web Designs of 2012

Our creative team strives to make unique and impressive law firm websites everyday. We anticipate the exciting moment when we get to add a newly launched site to our portfolio.

What makes an impressive attorney website? It all comes from great inspiration for the design, substantial content, and a great development team to make the design and content functional.

While content and good code are crucial to a successful website, the design is what makes the first impression! At PaperStreet we want each of our clients to attract users and make them stay on the site, not only to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics, but to get important and useful information.

Here are some of our 2012 law firm websites that impress, deliver and captivate their audiences:





smithpachter.com (A Responsive Design)

archerlaw.com (A Responsive Design)


Comments? Let us know your thoughts.

One Response to Law Firm Website Design Inspiration: Best Web Designs of 2012

  1. Andrew Stromberg
    1:36 pm on April 22nd, 2013

    I like the first site for jimerson cobb; not only good design, but great copywriting as well. We recently put together a new website at ASK Advertising for a local lawyer that you might like for WordPress site inspiration as well. Very clean, expandable, and easy for the client to manage in-house. The site is at: www. scottlawpllc . com. I hope you enjoy. Thank you

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